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Self managed super

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A self-managed super fund (SMSF) puts you in the driver’s seat of your financial future, giving you the
freedom to invest in assets you know and understand best. And with the tax and cost benefits
that come with SMSFs, allow you to build significantly more tax-free wealth.


This means more money and a better lifestyle when you retire.


At Noel French, we understand that you’re busy and that SMSF rules are complicated.
That’s why we created a complete A-Z solution, giving you access to all of the support and
expertise you need to easily manage and create lasting wealth through your super.



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Eight Reasons Why You Should Set-up a Self-managed Super Fund


1 Take full control of your super

With a self-managed super fund, you don’t have to rely on fund managers to invest your retirement savings. Instead, you have the freedom to invest in assets that you know and understand best.

2 Unlock more estate planning opportunities

Your super benefits aren’t part of your will. A self-managed super fund can be set-up to execute your wishes regarding benefits payout to future generations.




3 Save thousands on ongoing fees each and every year

Redirect thousands of dollars back into your super fund by eliminating unnecessary administration, trustee, fund manager, and adviser fees that are charged based on the value of your super. Secure a flat fee that isn’t dependent on your super’s value.

4 Eliminate super taxes and increase your return

With just a few clever investment strategies, you could significantly reduce or eliminate contributions, investment income, and capital gains taxes within an SMSF. This means you’ll have more money working for you and compounding over time.




5 Create a family wealth accumulation vehicle

SMSFs let you group your super together with family members. Since there are no life limits applied to SMSFs like there are with other trusts, you can build-up assets in a Noel French and asset-protected environment to support future generations.

6 Enjoy endless investment options

Diversify your super investments beyond the standard managed funds. You can choose to invest in residential property, precious metals, exchange traded funds – even art. You can also buy commercial property and rent it out to your business.




7 You don’t have to manage your super, as the name suggests

You don’t have to be an expert to unlock the power and benefits in a self-managed super. With Noel French, you can outsource everything from tax returns, financial accounts, and compliance through investments and strategic advice.

8 Multiply your returns by borrowing money to invest in property through your super

With a self-managed super fund, you can borrow money to buy residential and commercial property. All your SMSF needs is enough to cover a deposit plus costs. A lender will provide you with the shortfall, resulting in a higher asset value. With a much higher investable amount, a self-managed super fund has the potential to multiply investment returns.




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